Who We Are & What We Do

Justin and Kasey Fabricius are the owners, they were born and raised in Bozeman and went to Montana State after High School. There Justin got a BS in Landscape Design and Kasey received a BS in Economics. After College We started Four Seasons Landscaping in 2011.

Landscape Design

– From new construction to remodeling your existing landscape. Our landscape designer has a B.S. in Landscape Design as well as years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining landscapes.

Landscape Consultation

– Want to make small upgrades to your landscape and need ideas? Questions about why plants are dying?

Mow lawns

– Mow, trim edges, and blow off driveways and sidewalks. All season long or just once we are very flexible.

Repair sprinkler systems

– Any kind of sprinkler issue we can fix.

Install Sprinkler Systems

– Installation of sprinkler systems in new or established landscapes to meet any specifications with the most recent water saving and convenient technologies.

Winterize Sprinkler Systems

– “Guaranteed Witerization” we will fix any issues if there are any for free from not properly clearing the lines.

Modify sprinkler systems

– Adding or removing zones, adding, removing, or moving heads, turning a sprinkler zone into a drip zone and many other services.

Install WiFi controllers for sprinkler systems

– If you have a sprinkler system controller and you want to change it to a WiFi controller to save water and to make it easier to operate we will switch it out for you and make sure you understand how to operate all its features.

Snow Removal

– No matter how big or small we will plow any property. All season long, while you are out of town, or just once we are very flexible.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

– Cleaning yards, gardens, or rockbeds.

Spread sand or ice melt

– On sidewalks or driveways or parking lots there is nothing too big or too small.

Sweep parking lots

– Sweep up leaves in the fall or sand in the spring we will sweep up any debris and take it away.